The Blessing Plate

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Want a gift they won’t forget?  The Blessing Plate is unique in every way.

A unique square that you won't fine elsewhere and it comes in a beautiful keepsake box and a certificate to be signed by each recipient as it's passed on occasion after occasions and year after year.

Buy it. Keep it or gift it.

They then sign their name and regift it when the time is right.

Creating a beautiful history through an unforgettable family heirloom.

Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings, birthdays, holidays, housewarmings and more.

  • Can be regifted
  • 12 x 12in Unique Square
  • Made of porcelain 
  • Ships in a beautiful box for storing and regifting
  • ALSO includes a certificate to be signed and dated as it is passed down.

Story of the Blessing Plate

Brunswick, Ohio

In July of 2017, Terré Holmes, the founder of Lillie & Eve found herself in a challenging situation.  She had recently divorced and was homeless and jobless.  As well, she had lost her grandmother Lillie to ovarian cancer the previous year and was now living in her home. 

As she sat at Lillie's dining room table, she began to cry out to God one evening.  She wanted to create something that would not only create a residual income for herself, but something that would be inspiring and uplifting to others.

She was given the idea to create a plate based off of the popular poem, The Giving Plate, but she didn't want to create something that already existed. So, on a hot summer's day, in the wee hours of the morning, she began to write and 20 minutes letter The Blessing Plate was penned.  She cried out to God and her grandmother, because she knew that the inspiration for this creation had come from them both.

China's Mistake, Lillie & Eve's Blessing

After over two years of attempting to create the plates herself, using paper she'd gotten in Australia and plates she'd bought in bulk online, Terré decided to give China a try.

In late 2019, she sent her idea across the oceans to be manufactured in a small factory.  When she placed her order, she didn't realize that she was ordering the "unique" plate and when it finally arrived in early 2020, she was shocked to find that the plate was oddly shaped and not the perfect square she had hoped for.

After showing it to several customers, family and friends, she realized that everyone loved it and preferred the unique shape over the traditional square.  What at first seemed like a terrible mistake, turned into a massive blessing.

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The Blessing Plate
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